Cardiovascular Fellowship Curriculum Overview

About the Program Curriculum

The cardiology training program is based on Core Cardiology Training Symposium (COCATS4) guidelines and takes into consideration the core missions of UCR School of Medicine which includes serving the healthcare needs of Inland Southern California. There is emphasis on:

  • The 15 content areas delineated by COCATS4 plus population health as the 16th content area with achievement of competence in all these areas.
  • The six core competencies delineated by ACGME with addition of scholarship and population and community health additional areas of competencies.
  • Milestone monitoring, evaluation and declaration of independence.
  • Continuity of care emphasis combined with training in specific specialized areas.

Education and training of our post-doctoral cardiology trainees is an important mission of this division, the department, institution and the medical school. It is anticipated that each cardiology trainee at the end of his/her training will be a competent cardiologist with superior bedside, interpersonal and communication skills as well as excellent procedural skills and medical knowledge in most major aspects of cardiology. We expect the fellows to be cognizant in research methods and population health and be competent to apply these tools in their practice when they graduate.

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Principal Goals and Philosophy

Education is bidirectional, and benefits both the trainee and the faculty. This leads to superior patient care and outcomes. Each cardiology trainee must assume a major role in his/her own education through participation in clinical care under supervision and through active presentations and discussions in the teaching conferences.

Our program will strive to deliver the best possible training and endeavors to improve continually to produce the best possible cardiologists suited both to clinical practice and academic medicine, preferably serving Inland Southern California.